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We aware that a sustainable healthcare delivery, coupled with our passion for developing countries require more than our in-house prowess to attain. Our dedicated research and development unit work with other key R&D pharmaceutical companies with great scientific minds whose aspirations are also closely aligned with our passion to discover innovative medicines that will help rid the world, especially in developing countries of both communicable and challenging ailments.

Partnership is crucial to our success, such that Shinfield Pharmaceuticals’ collaboration with partners is the crucial ingredient in the success of our main objective of bringing the latest and world class healthcare to patients worldwide. We have access to our partner’s world class and well established drug development laboratories and research houses around the world where we work in their drug development units dedicated and in the forefront of the discovery of medicines and vaccines to combat communicable and non communicable diseases.

Recently we have continued to grow our research portfolio by supporting research work in universities, who share these vitals knowledge with Shinfield Pharmaceuticals and help progress the development of cutting edge procedures that help prevent ailments, while developing drugs that help combat diseases that affect millions of people around the world.

It has been proven that partnership helps sustain our drive to eradicate diseases, and by working with a close knit pool of research and progressive partners with a vast knowledge base, our main goal of keeping the world healthy is achieved. That is why a sizeable amount of our profit is re-invested back into research; if you believe your organisation is interested partnership with us in this regard, please contact a member of our team on

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Nov 20, 2014 Coffee may help effects of obesity

Chemical in coffee may help prevent obesity-related disease Friday, 14 November 2014 Researchers at the University of Georgia have discovered that a chemical compound commonly found in coffee may help prevent some of the damaging effects of obesi

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