Empowering Communities

We are very aware of the challenges faced by depraved populace in developing countries in accessing healthcare and medicines. Part of our strategy is to increase awareness and improve access to drugs and medicare by engaging community leaders. These personnel are enrolled in “COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE AWARENESS COURSES”, which are organised and hosted by Shinfield Pharmaceuticals, where modules on modern day approach to identifying symptoms of diseases, as well as required therapeutic approaches to combating these diseases are taught. Community leaders are then handed course kits and manuals, which they then distribute from town and clan heads, who then inform and communicate these lessons to their various community members.

This approach is assisting the less privileged and poorly educated on the advantages of being health conscious and aware of symptoms of life changing aliments and diseases that may define their future and that of their loved ones.

Community Initiative

We aim to become the most admirable business in any community in which we operate; we can achieve this by the cordial relationship we build with our host. Because we strive to educate in all the communities we work in, our business grows and the recipients reciprocate by providing an enabling environment that promotes our continued business growth. The symbiotic alliances we build with communities help us to plan and implement our growth strategies.

Our community health care initiative alongside the voluntary work of our committed employees, improves health care awareness and access and aids delivery within our host communities.

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