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Although we operate from the United Kingdom, we posses a global outreach and mindset, which drives the excellence we bring to bear in the delivery of world class and life saving medicines and medical devices we distribute to patients who need them most, especially at critical & challenging locations around the world.

We are committed to providing unrivalled and affordable healthcare services using systematic evidence based on research and development. Our focus on prevention, early intervention and early identification products aims to address problems at the earliest opportunity before they are able to escalate. By helping to break the longer term intergenerational cycle of poor outcomes, through this shift in focus onto the causes rather than the symptoms of problems, our objective is to reduce the demand on specialist services.

The patient, host communities, medical specialists and our shareholders are our most important partners and their participation informs how we do business. To ensure we continue doing what we love as a company, we continually engage stakeholders from grassroots to international level with an overwhelming aim of providing the best pharmaceutical care ever.

We continually aim to develop and register high value formulations, which are manufactured to the highest GMP manufacturing procedure and comply with the highest quality standards.

Our strategic growth initiative is closely aligned with our work in developing countries, especially West Africa where our seamless selection of products, partners and key markets, is further enhancing our international outlook with continued and repeat business with our key partners.

Though we are creative and our innovative prowess is not in doubt, we continue to seek ways to improve, due to the challenges ahead as we continue to put the health of those we serve at the forefront of our healthcare delivery service. Along this line, we are continually striving for millions of patients to be well and stay well by the formulation and development of ground-breaking products that can help withstand the challenges that lie ahead, especially in Africa where healthcare delivery challenge is coupled with a low per capital income

Our work is tailored in a way that guarantees the future of research and development (R&D) in delivering cutting edge products to our patients, stakeholder & partners who rely on our ingenuity for their continued wellbeing as well as that of their business.

Recently, we advanced our work in close co-operation with communities, governments, health organizations and relevant stakeholders especially in developing countries to address the complex challenges around improving health for the underserved.

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Aug 28, 2014 FDA Approves Conversion of SolirisĀ® (eculizumab) Accelerated Approval in aHUS to Regular Approval for the Treatment of Patients with aHUS

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