Suppliers & Partners

We are aware of the value our partners and suppliers bring on board; a lot of our product delivery is dependent on the logistics put in place by our broad network of suppliers who we consider an extension of our business. Shinfield, alongside our network of suppliers ensure that our high value products reach the furthest end of the world, especially the challenging terrains in West Africa where our products are needed most. While doing this we uphold diversity, ethical supplier relationships, and best global business practice standards.

New Supplier

We are always keen to hear from businesses who are interested in what we do. Please provide us information about your company’s products and services by completing our Contact Us form.
Please endeavour to include a summary of your company’s products, services and aspiration. You will receive a response only if your products and services, closely match our aspirations, at which point we may be in touch with you. We receive large inquiries and therefore will not accept direct solicitation or follow-up if we do not contact you in the first instance.

For General
Enquiries Call Us on + 44 (0) 1189 653845