Our Campaign Against Counterfeiting

Drug Counterfeiting is a serious threat to health especially in developing countries, in particular West Africa, where a greater percentage of the populace are poorly educated, healthcare regulations are weak and corruption prevalent. The campaign to expose cartel and gangs who profit from the proliferation of fake drugs is daunting, given that most of those who engage in the illicit distribution of dangerous drugs are better prepared or equipped than those whose duty it is to police the system and educate the communities.

In our work with Hospitals and Community Centres, Shinfield Pharmaceuticals has administered strategies to ensure our Pharmacists, Biochemists, Doctors & Partners can sensitise patients who fall prey and are the victims of these schemes, on mehtods to identify counterfeit drugs or other healthcare products. We are very aware that we have taken on a daunting task; in protecting ill educated inhabitants, neither of whom have access to vital life saving drugs or rarely see a doctor when they fall ill.

Dissemination of vital health information is an uphill task, due to communication challenges. In developing countries, especially in rural towns or villages in West Africa, people rarely pay attention to information provided via news media in form of TV, Radio or any form of advertisement, largely due to affordability and poor outreach.

How can we tell drugs are counterfeit?
How can we tell drugs are counterfeit?

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